More on the Surfing Life

Truth to be told, I missed almost everything on the recently held 19th International Siargao Cup.  I had booked my flight to Siargao one day too late, so I only caught the Women’s final.  It was my first time watching a surfing competition and I was just amazed at how the ladies showed all of us how it was done. And Cloud 9 did not disappoint, it was just awesome that day and I was mesmerized at the rumbling of the waves as it barreled down the reefs and gave hard-core surfers the time of their lives.  Also, I discovered that I actually was scared of the waves. No kidding, as I was readying myself to catch waves on my own, the sight of the wave barreling next to me was daunting and I kept falling off my board.


Women’s cup finals

I still hung out at Kermit out of habit (and for the good food) but did not stay there.  Which was a total shame, because of all the [gorgeous, sexy, Italian] boys that were staying in the resort.

I was super thankful resident yogini Lili let me hang out with her for the weekend, taking me to catch waves with Timoy at Pisangan, which was an other-worldy experience.  I could totally feel the difference in the ride, compared to Cloud 9 and Quicksilver – it was just amazing.  (No photos, unfortunately.  I realized when I was hanging out with hard core surfers that they more interested in catching the waves rather than documenting the entire thing.)

With resident yogini Lili
Sole long boarder.
Gone surfin’!

However, I’m glad that there were no photos of us getting drunk out our minds (hello Tanduay Rhum, Red Horse, Gold Eagle beer, and only god knows what else were handed out that night) and dancing on top of tables at one in the morning.  Of course, it led to me flying again back to Cebu with a really massive hang-over, but it also included one of the best times of my life.  Salamat karajaw, Siargao and I’ll see you again soon!

Marajaw Karajaw

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