Surf’s Up: The 5Th CME Surfing Cup

Despite not being able to get closer to what I want (which is my own surfboard), I am very glad I took the step to enter this competition. It enabled me to assess what I should be improving with regard to my surfing (turns out, it was mostly my nerves, apart from turning and some tricks).

Last four female surfers
Wavepool surfing

The day was quite long, I was so dead tired, and, in the end, I placed 1st Runner Up. I initially felt bad about it because I did not win despite all that time and energy I had spent training, I realized my sister was right: I was still better than 12 out of 14 people who competed that afternoon and it was something I should be proud off. The day (or night) ended with me doing victory surf in my neon bikini with my sister and all of my ‘surf friends’. It was one of the best feelings in the world: to be able to celebrate after all that pressure by doing what I loved to do most.

Awarding of winners

After the surf comp, the party kicked off with beats from guest DJs and carried on into the night. We did not stay too long (I was with my dad and sister!) but I still had fun nonetheless.

Special thanks to the wonderful people of PSA – Paolo, Earl, Ali, Francis, Monching, and to all of the surfers that have served as my inspiration in the water. I wouldn’t even have tried without your support and your guidance.Β Looking forward to more surf comps (yes!) and wave pool action in the future!

Here’s a video from that night from the PSA Admin Youtube channel. Spot me surfing in there!