The Countdown to Forever Begins

Truth to be told, I have been trying to get this post out for awhile but I could never really get to it.  Until I just realized that it is now exactly 30 (yes, THIRTY) freakin’ days to my wedding.  Whaaaat?? Where did time go?  Wasn’t there a millennia from the engagement to this point in time?

Of course, this realization has made me even more stressed out that I ever was.  There are seriously one million more things to do that has not been done yet.  I’m afraid that at the last minute, someone will say: “well, I can’t believe you did not think of this before”.  As a ‘planner’myself, I have to see lists and tick them to know that I have not missed out on anything.  Where is that list?  Can somebody magically procure them?  It doesn’t help, of course, that everything and everyone is long distance.  Right now, I could just rant on and on about how everything DOES NOT seem to be falling into place (aren’t I supposed to be writing true), but even I’m too stressed to do that, too.

Also, can somebody just please re-assure me that cold feet happens to everyone?  How come the thought of having to ask, ehem, tell someone what you do from now on annoys the hell out of me.  Am I also really moving to France?  It’s 25 degrees outside and I’m already feeling really, really cold.  Am I really losing my career?  Can I survive in a place where they barely speak English?  Where there is no ramen, late night coffee shops, and 24 hour Burger Kings and McDonalds?  Can I really move to a place without Jollibee?  Can I, can I, can I??

Before I lose mind over fast food, I’m going to start crossing off days til the 10th of February and use this blog to share wedding details, notes on how the big days (yes, there is more than one) are coming to be, and perhaps I can somehow alleviate the stress of it all.  For now, I’m going to rest, pray for the best (oh hey, that rhymed),  and look forward for exciting times ahead.

‘Jeremy: So, do you think we will survive all of this?    Me: I doubt it.’
All engagement photos by Gaps Sabuero.

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