Jeremy + Rusty 10 Feb 2017



How I managed not to bawl at this wedding was a miracle.  I started to cry when I saw my sister cry in the crowd as I walked down the aisle.  But I  tried to change my mood by dropping a joke to my dad (in the photos, you’ll see my talking face instead of a smiling or crying face).   Thankfully, the chapel was also small and the walk was over in seconds.  Mind you, this was different from my sister’s wedding in September.  I  cried like a baby.  I cried so much, it was embarrassing.  Like I wasn’t  happy for anyone.  I cried in the church and I cried on the van to the  reception (as I was drafting my speech) and I cried when I made my speech.

But during my wedding, I just laughed a lot.  You’ll see my face laughing   at almost everything – from the signing of the contract, to our first  dance, my dance with my father-in-law, and in lots of random photos.  I  don’t know why but maybe perhaps it was a reaction to being scared to  cry… But perhaps, I was just happy.  Happy to be starting forever with Jeremy.


Mind you, the road to 10th Feb was not easy.  I was stressed 90% of the  time.  I broke down every other week.  I was depressed for some time (was  I really moving to France??).  Jeremy and long-distance planning was not  easy.  I forgot so many last minute things, I vowed never to organize an  event EVER in my entire life.  I was running around like a lost chicken.    Instead of enjoying the last few days of single hood, I wanted to kill  Jeremy in his sleep.  But in the end, I said to myself: let go, Rusty.  Let go of the things that don’t serve you.

Inside Archbishop’s Palace.
The extended Jorbina family.
Frenchmen in Barong.

I realized that I didn’t have to have the “perfect” wedding.  I had  Jeremy, we were getting married, and I have my family and friends and  Jeremy’s family and friends to celebrate with me.  This was enough.  The  negative in me chose to focus on all the wonderful things in the wedding  instead.  And in the end, it was one for the books.  I might not have had  the photos I wanted, the songs I wanted (not to mention the piano for my grandma was not fine tuned), not to mention that the wedding cake was…  (choosing not to comment on this one), and some moments in the reception  was boring (I panicked. haha).  But in the end, people remembered it as a  beautiful wedding.  And that was all that matters.


Xo. Rusty

Photos from Oli Bayer, Jingjing Jorbina, Jeremy Tave, and our official photographer – Shutterfairy Photography.

One thought on “Jeremy + Rusty 10 Feb 2017

  1. On that day, you made the right thing !
    Is to marry me ! Look at my handsome face on everypics ! You choose right ! No one can say “no you didn’t”
    Yes moving to France isn’t an easy Thing. The most difficult thing in a life ! But i’ll be here for you, always.
    I’ll made this possible and you will enjoy it !
    Yes, there is more than “1 big day”, let’s write the others together !
    Our wedding was perfect as our life will be 😍


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