Moving with Roxy Fitness

Roxy is mostly known as a surf brand for women but lately, they have branched out to include a fitness range with adorable bottoms (shorts and leggings) and sports tops.  Roxy has been running run, SUP, and yoga events around the world so when they finally had their first event here in the Philippines, I was very eager to try it. The events are for girls only as well as Roxy is the women’s line of Quicksilver.


Completed my first ever fun run, yaaay!

The day kicked-off with a 3km run around the resort fter a quick warm-up session.  This was my first fun run! Now I know why I never run. 🙂 I did manage to pace myself but Bea and I decided to walk the second lap so it took us longer than it probably should.  The run took us 30 minutes total, but it also included some fitness challenges along the way: squats, burpees (the death of me), and jumping jacks.

Bea and I about to run.. or walk. 😉

Second part of the event was yoga to wake up as well as stretch our tired muscles.  It was very nice and refreshing to do yoga in the open again plus I had not done a proper class in ages.  My daily stretching routine has helped tons though and I can do my forward bends way better than I used to.

Last activity of the event was stand up paddle board.  I have done SUP before so this was quite easy for me.  But it was nice to be in the water always.

SUP’s up!

Since the day was a half day event, we had a few moments to enjoy swimming at the beach before we enjoyed free lunch at Pico De Loro’s Hamilo Coast.  Before the day ended, I had a quick shopping spree using the Roxy vouchers we were given, plus the items were discounted.  I got myself a bikini top and bottom plus a nice summer dress perfect for my summer outings.

Summer bodies – Bea and Jas.
Eternal summer sunshine.

While I found the event to be very short, it was a nice way to spend the day outdoors and get into fitness activities.  To get updated with Roxy’s events, you may visit their Facebook page.

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