Hotel Limelight: Ericeira Soul Guesthouse

I love this place so much that I promised it would be worth a blog post, even if it will be a short one. As I have mentioned in this blog post, the only reason we were in Ericeira in the first place was that the most affordable beach-side accommodation was in it when I was looking for a place to stay. At first I was a bit skeptical about it since there were no reviews yet, but le hubby ensured me it would be fine. I was really happy I picked this place out. Here are some of my favorite things about this hotel/ guesthouse:

1. Location
Location is everything and the guesthouse overlooks the beach. In fact, our room had a view of the sea. It was near the center of everything also so we just walked around everywhere. The only downside is that parking is a bitch this time of the year, as the owners told us, so finding a parking spot even for locals was very hard. But once the miraculous parking spot is found, everything in this seaside village is just a walk away.

View of the sea from the Guesthouse
Outside view from the guest house
Overlooking the Atlantic
Nearby the guesthouse is a ledge that overlooks the Atlantic and where people walk around

2. Amenities
The guesthouse provided breakfast in the morning at the dining area. You can also make yourself some coffee anytime of the day. There was also a living room to watch TV or hang out in. But most of the guests hung out at the outdoor deck and the pool, catching up on sunshine or with each other as well take a cool dip from the hot afternoon sun.

Guesthouse Reception and Dining Area
Guesthouse reception and dining area

3. Rooms
There were rooms in the front building as well as the back. Our room was the sea view room and you can see the water from the inside. As with some European hotels, our room was not air conditioned, so we had to open it during the night to keep our room cool when we slept. Although that made the room noisy in the early morning (who knew people were still out at 1 AM??) and leaving windows open would not have been totally safe.

Seaview Room
Seaview Room
View from our Room
View from our room

4. Our Hosts
Filipa and AndrΓ© were the most welcoming and accommodating hosts. They made sure we were okay during our stay, showed us where to go for meals and activities, and helped us organize our surf lessons. They definitely made us feel we were part of their Ericeira community so much so that we promised to be back again next year and not bother looking for another place to stay. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to take a photo of these two. I’m definitely doing that the first thing when we arrive the next time!

Welcome to Ericeira Soul Guesthouse
Bem-vindo a Ericeira Soul Guesthouse

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