Saint Jean de Luz Photo Diary

One of the things I did during one of the Roxy and Quiksilver Pro lay days was going with Harriet’s family on a quick trip to Saint Jean de Luz, a town south of France and near Spain (we also made a quick stop to Spain, mostly to look at surfboard outlet stores) to eat and explore. Here are some of the pretty things we saw on a day in this beach town.

The Port at Saint Jean de Luz
The fishing boats at Saint Jean de Luz
Walking around St Jean de Luz
Exploring the beach town.
Dried Chillies
Chilies getting a tan. 😉
Gateau Basque
The famous gateau Basque (Basque cake).
St Jean de Luz_2
Town square.

Since it was already autumn, most establishments were closed and  there were hardly any people on the beach. So, it surprised me a lot when I googled this place and saw that the Grande Plage was literally full of hundreds of people during the season.

Empty beaches
An almost empty Grande Plage.
Walking down the promenade with the Tromeurs
Exploring with the Tromeurs.

We ate some seafood in one of the restaurants near the city hall. I got some prawns as appetizer, baby squid for lunch, and a créme dessert. But it was pretty funny to see some fried sardines served fancily, since in the Philippines, this is technically buwad or tuyo and is considered a poor man’s dish.

My prawn dish
Some prawns as appetizer.
A squid dish
Squid and fries as main.
Coffee and some caramel, please.
It was funny to see fried sardines served in a fancy restaurant.

It was also surprising to learn that this town has a quite a history – Maria Theresa of Spain married King Louis XIV in the church in this town in 1660 to end the long-standing war between France and Spain. I was also surprised to find a statue of Christ as a infant, which looked like the Sto. Niño de Cebu. To seal the peace and stop further fighting, the doors of the church were actually closed off and people normally enter by the entrance.

Inside the Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste
The altar at the Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Inside the Church
The organ of the church with a statue of the Santo Ninyo.
Typical Basque church
A typical French Basque church has wooden galleries at the back and side of the building.
A painting inside the church
A painting in the church.
Closed off Church doors
The main church door is actually closed off.
Rue Gambetta
The church is located near the main street – Rue Gambetta.
A tree intertwined with a building
An interesting building on Rue Gambetta – where nature has intertwined with concrete buildings.

Saint Jean de Luz was very nice town that needed exploring. I also had the chance to visit the cities of Bayonne and Biarritz but definitely lacked time to explore. I certainly look forward to seeing more of Basque country.

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