Biarritz Photo Diary

Two other Basque cities I had the chance to see were Biarritz and Bayonne. We came to Biarritz to surf (of course) and Bayonne to eat (of course). Bayonne looks interesting for a cultural trip but it seemed like Biarritz has its own fair share of history and culture, too (mostly because it was a favored beach town by Empress Eugenia, Napoleon III’s wife).

Dusk at the Grande Plage with the Hotel Palais in the back
Grande Plage after hours and the Hotel du Palais in the background


Grande Plage
Surfing spot: Grande Plage
Surfers at the Grande Plage
Surfer in the water
A golden glow on the Biarritz Promenade
Grande Plage at dusk. To the right is the Casino Municipal
Dusk at the Grande Plage
Beach at Dusk
Fresh Seafood Platter
Fresh seafood dinner at Biarritz
My crab dish
My crab dish

I did manage to surf Cote Basque with le hubby and enjoy a wonderful Biarritz sunset. Biarritz reminds me of Sydney in Australia because the main surfing beach is right in front of the city. The bigger surfing beach reminds me of Bell’s Beach in Victoria, also in Australia. It was a bit further out (although we just walked from Grand Plage) but you had to go down the cliff to get to the beach.

Cote Basque
The beach at Cote Basque
Surfers at Cote Basque
Surfers heading out
Surfers and Lines
Surfers and those pretty lines
Sunset in Biarritz
The sun setting at the Atlantic Coast
The bridge to the Grotto
The walkway bridge to the grotto (to the left)

Before we left that weekend, le hubby, my in-laws, and I drove around half-lost in the beautiful city of Bayonne to eat and drink in a cidrerie (with Bayonne getting on my cultural bucket list). It was a pretty cool experience to ‘pour’ a drink flying out straight from a barrel. But I lost my mind when I saw all the food prepared in front of us.

Inside a Cidrerie
Get ready for unlimted ciders!
Cidrerie Ttipia
We visited Cidrerie TTipia
Omelette looking appetizer (I forgot the name!)
Fish dish
Another dish whose name I forgot. hehe 😉
Mmmm Meat
So much meat, so little time.
When people actually ate all of the meat
Errr, where did all the meat go?
Nuts and cheese
Walnut and cheese dessert

As with Saint Jean de Luz, the towns of French Basque Country have totally enchanted me. I look forward to seeing more of Pays Basque soon!


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