Watching Roxy and Quiksilver Pro France 2017

If it wasn’t obvious yet, I’m just going to tell you that I love surfing. And it’s not just one of those things I like, I am obsessed. I follow surfers on social media, download apps for swell and weather, go out as much as I can to practice, Google ‘surf spots in ___’ whenever we would go and travel someplace new, look at photos of surf boards in my past time… you get the idea. When my brother-in-law and his wife invited us to a weekend in Biarritz, the birthplace of the European surfing scene, I was elated. Even more elated when le hubby allowed me to watch a surf competition. I’ve already seen surf comps and have participated in a couple, but this event was a different level altogether. It was a leg of the World Surf League Champions Tour (WSL CT), which means that these surfers are some of the best in the world.Β It was also my first time to see the world class waves of Hossegor.

A frame (2).jpg
Hossegor La Graviere A-Frame
Comp is on (2).jpg
Early morning wave check.
Watching the comp (2).jpg
Watching by the beach.
Live at Hossegor (2).jpg
WSL Presenter Ross Williams
Hanging out by the beach (2).jpg
Selfie or it did not happen.

It was exciting to see really popular surfers I only see online like Sally Fitzgibbons, Stephanie Gilmore, Carissa Moore, Mick Fanning, Gabriel Medina, John-john Florence, and a bunch of other surfers I am not really familiar with but way up there in the top 10. You can immediately see when they start the heats that everybody deserves the ranks and titles and hype that make these surfers popular. It was very fun to run around the beach and get photos and autographs, sit in the sand and bask in the warm autumn sun, and even watch the action live by the seaside. My camera was only a humble point-and-shoot one, but even then I got a lot of really good shots of surfers doing tricks in the water.


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Autographs (2).jpg
My only workout that week was running after surfers on the beach.

When I arrived, the city had already organized autograph signing sessions so I went to that. I also joined a Roxy Fitness event: yoga by the lake side. It was a fun-filled weekend and week for me.

Yoga Sup Paddle (2).jpg
Roxy hosted a run, SUP, and yoga event that weekend.
Ommm (2).jpg
Roxy Fitness (2).jpg
Roxy Fitness
Justin Mauvin singing for the audience (2).jpg
Justine Mauvin serenading the crowd after the end of activities.
Volcom riders Joan Duru and Coco Ho (2).jpg
The riders of Volcom: Joan Duru and Coco Ho
Billabong Riders (2).jpg
The guys of Billabong
Stephanie Gilmore (2).jpg
Stephanie Gilmore


Carissa Moore signing (2).jpg
Carissa Moore
Gabriel Medina (2).jpg
Gabriel Medina
Mick Fanning signing with the Rip Curl team (2).jpg
Mick Fanning

It was really fun to be by the beach and watch all of it live. People clapped and cheered the surfers on. The energy was contagious. The crowd (a really huge one) was there pretty much to watch a show and we all got what we wanted.

A JJF fan (2).jpg
12 Florence
Le hubby enjoying the sun (2).jpg
Le hubby had fun watching with the rest of the crowd when he arrived.
Beer time! (2).jpg
Sunshine, the best surfers, and beer. It cannot get better than this.

The best part was actually meeting another Filipina who took me everywhere with her and her French family. In as much as the ‘aging’ introvert in me wanted to be alone, I appreciated having people to talk to and hang out with. I also had not traveled somewhere new alone in a long time and it was just fun to be there doing things by myself and surviving a French town even if I did not speak the language (surprisingly, everyone spoke English πŸ˜‚).

Meeting another Filipina in Hossegor (2).jpg
Meeting another Filipina in Hossegor was the best!

But due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to miss the finals of the men’s and women’s comp (yes, it was tragic). So, le hubby promised to that I can return next year (yaaay!!). Le hubby is the best. πŸ’œΒ See you next year in Hossegor!

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