Abu Dhabi Photo Diary

I transited for a couple of days in the UAE before flying back to Cebu to see my sister. Unfortunately, due to an incorrectly rebooked flight, I ended up staying for two days only instead of the maximum allowed of four. We decided to spend one of the two afternoons in Abu Dhabi to bask in its opulence – from 24 carat gold cappuccinos at the Emirates Palace Hotel (yes, gold; you heard that right) to giant chandeliers made of Swarovski Crystals at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Everything in Abu Dhabi seemed to be golden, including that sky line, no matter how small it is.

Golden walls of the Emirates Palace Hotel with my sister.
Inside the Emirates Palace
Golden Halls
Golden ceiling.
Even the train stations in the UAE also seem bathed in gold.
The skyline bathed in the sunset glow.
Tourists outside the Emirates Palace Hotel. You need a reservation to enter for the coffee.
Even the exteriors are made to look golden.

We actually almost were not accommodated in the Palace Hotel – we were booked at the wrong date! But the hotel was kind enough to let us take the next empty table. If you wanted to know how a gold cappuccino tastes like… Well, it wasn’t certainly as good as my favorite cup of coffee but where else can we actually try coffee with real gold in it? Also, the custard cream that came with the scones were divine! I’d definitely go back for afternoon tea over there.

Afternoon Coffee Spread
All that food!
Ready for tea.
Emirates Palace Cappuccino
Emirates Palace gold cappuccino (yes, we did not waste any of those gold flakes!).

The mosque was pretty crowded when we visited since it was  Friday. A lot of people were there to worship and a good number were tourists. We managed to sneak in one of the halls to take a photo before the guard shooed us away. A shot of that lady walking down the hallway was worth it though.

Sunset at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.


Entrance to the Mosque
A people-packed Friday night at the mosque.
The massive chandeliers are made with Swarovski crystals.
The mirror pool at night.

I think that if we had more time and better resources (like a car), we would have seen more of this Emirate state, but we can save that for another UAE transit. You can book your 96 hour visa UAE online if you fly with Emirates. Check it out here.

Golden hour with Jingjing with a view of the Abu Dhabi skyline.
The mosque’s courtyard in the early  evening.


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