A Guide to Thulusdhoo in the Maldives

I admit we were a little bit biased for this guide to Thulusdhoo simply because we did not enjoy it as much as Dhangethi. It wasn’t as much fun as our first Maldivian local island. Nevertheless, it was still a fun and relaxing trip despite the bad weather and not being able to go to surf. A peek into this Maldivian island below.

bikini beach_thulusdhoo
Thulusdhoo Island

Getting Here
Compared to Dhangethi, Thulusdhoo has more tourists mostly because it is only a quick 25 minute speedboat ride to the island being only 27 kms away from the Velana International Airport. There are a couple of ways to get to the island – one is by scheduled speedboat and the other by regular local ferry. The ferry is a cheaper alternative than the speedboat (3 USD per way) and at 85 minutes, is not a bad way to commute to the island. Although private charters by boat and plane are always available, I would recommend not taking those as it would be impractical due to the proximity of the Thulusdhoo from Hulhule island, where the airport is located, and Male City.

coke plant
The main boat dock and the Coca-Cola plant

We stayed at the Cokes Beach Guesthouse. The guesthouse was small but comfortable and had an open air common area that was near the beach (and “shared” with a couple more resorts). The wi-fi was unreliable when we were there, so it forced us to do other things rather than stay indoors. The hotel was also within the island’s bikini beach. However, I would rather recommend the two other hotels that were literally on the beach front – the Met House and the Samura Maldives Guest House. For surfing, you would want to stay at Cokes Surf Camp because they are the only resort with a surf school (the other was a stand alone shop). You can get 10% off your stay via Booking.com by using this link.

Cokes Beach Resort Thulusdhoo
Guesthouse Cokes Beach common area
around the resort
Other resorts nearby
breakfasts in thulusdhoo
The resorts in the area seem to be sharing this space by the beach

Our hotel offered set meals that was available to the full board guests, but we did not really get to choose what we can eat unlike the restaurant in Ariston Dhangethi. However, our picnic lunch in Chickens Island was wonderful so there was no room to complain. There were a few restaurants we tried and I highly recommend Contagious Pizza which has a limited pizza offering but the food was so good we went there twice (don’t forget to order the sizzling brownie dessert, too). Canopus Retreat offered barbecue dinner for Valentine’s Day when we arrived although we did not take it. As in Dhangethi, the restaurants don’t serve pork and alcohol as they are in a local, inhabited island.

contagious pizza
Contagious Pizza was right behind our guesthouse
Dessert and Drinks at Contagious PIzza
Dessert and {non-alcoholic} drinks at Contagious Pizza
Pizza Diavola
We made the mistake of ordering the pizza extra spicy (it was legit HOT)
toulouse restaurant
Pizza At Toulouse Restaurant
Our guesthouse provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner

See and Do
Surfing was the main reason we stayed in Thulusdhoo as the area would have had some waves even if it was not the surf season. But since the weather was not very good, we were unable to surf at all. There is a break in front of the main beach but is not recommended for beginners due to the currents and the reef bottom. Cokes Surf Camp also offers surf trips off the island but they did not offer it when we were there.

surf shop
One of the island’s surf shops
surf hotel-resort
Thulusdhoo Surf Camp also offers lessons locally or at surf breaks in other islands
Cokes surf break_
Local surf break: Cokes

Island Hop and Snorkel
You can visit the nearby Chicken’s Island (which is undergoing construction for a new resort; but still free to visit when we went there) which is uninhabited so bikinis are welcome. We also took a speedboat to a reef for some snorkeling since there was not really a house reef nearby.

Island hopping
Going island hopping
Chickens Island
Chickens Island is still free to visit for the moment: a resort will be built soon
Chickens Island_3
Empty beaches (also!) in Chickens Island

We decided not to go diving in Thulusdhoo since we already spent a lot of that in Dhangethi, which was of course the reason we went there. But diving in the North Male atoll is highly recommended and if you don’t intend to visit other islands in the country, this should be one activity you should definitely do.

Visit an Island Resort
One of the reasons to stay in a local island is to save on travel costs but being in the Maldives, one ‘must experience’ in my opinion is to visit a resort island. Here are some reviews of day trips on island resorts – here and here.

Watch the Local Island Life
One of the things we enjoyed in both Dhangethi and Thulusdhoo was walking around and discovering how the locals live their life in the islands.

walking around the island
Walking around the island
catching fish
Locals fishing


A local kid fishing
A local kid and his catch
local children's playground
Local island playground
sunrise in thulusdhoo
Sunrise on our last day in the island

Overall, Thulusdhoo was nice but it did not really meet up our expectations. Thankfully, our last night in the Maldives was made memorable with a overnight stay at the Centara Ras Fushi resort. Plus, if ever you’re wondering if you should stay in a local or a resort island, read my thoughts about that here.

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