Hotel Limelight: Pensión San Fermín

This was the last affordable hostel with a four-bed dorm and en suite bathroom that was available on the Booking site. Here are my thoughts about Pensión San Fermín.

The hostel is located in the middle of Old Town and in one of the most active and noisiest streets of this part of the city. It is about a three-minute walk from the San Sebastian port and another five-minute walk to Playa La Concha. It is also very near the Basilica Santa Maria and the San Telmo Museum. The bars and restaurants (and even a convenience store) in the area are open until 1 in the morning. That being said it does mean that there are people partying and getting drunk and being noisy until 1 in the morning (or later). When closed, the window/ door to the outside balcony actually kept most of the noise out, but the hostel is definitely not for the light sleeper.

San Fermin_5
Morning views
San Fermin_6
I like to hang out in the balcony/ terrace in the mornings
San Fermin_7
Playa La Concha is a quick walk down the road

The rooms are actually quite small for a group of four people (although we were never more than three at a time). There are two bunk beds, lockers, an en suite toilet and shower, and a small balcony (not so much for hanging out but mostly for people watching and hanging clothes to dry on the railings). I have had more comfortable beds in hostels but it was good enough for an 8-hour sleep. The bathroom was spacious and always kept clean but there were no toiletries except for a shower gel in a dispenser. There is air conditioning in the room; however the temperature could not be controlled and it was really cold in the evenings, despite the summer heat.

San Fermin_1
Bunk beds
San Fermin_2
Not a lot of space between bunks
San Fermin_4
En suite bathroom

Being a hostel, there were not too much facilities available. There is a lobby that operates on certain times of the day and a common dining area on the topmost floor (Oops, I forgot to take photos of the common area!). There is a kitchen with cooking facilities, a fridge, and tableware. There is also a vending machine for drinks and snacks. The common area is a pretty nice place to take meals, especially the outdoor area. There are also no amenities given to guests, except for the bed covers but towels can be rented for 2€ per stay.

San Fermin_3
The rooms had lockers

Luckily, the front desk staff spoke English and helped me with some of my questions about the city. It should be noted that the front desk is not open at all times, so best to send a message to the property before your arrival so someone could get you settled in.

Overall, the stay in the hostel was quite good and I would be willing to stay there again. It wasn’t perfect and a bit expensive compared to some hostels I have tried, but it served my needs in an accommodation at a cost within my budget. You can also check out my review of a charming boutique hotel in San Sebastian where I spent the last day in the city. To get 10% off your accommodations in San Sebastian in, click on this link.

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