Abu Dhabi Photo Diary

I transited for a couple of days in the UAE before flying back to Cebu to see my sister. Unfortunately, due to an incorrectly rebooked flight, I ended up staying for two days only instead of the maximum allowed of four. We decided to spend one of the two afternoons in Abu Dhabi to bask in … Continue reading Abu Dhabi Photo Diary

Biarritz Photo Diary

Two other Basque cities I had the chance to see were Biarritz and Bayonne. We came to Biarritz to surf (of course) and Bayonne to eat (of course). Bayonne looks interesting for a cultural trip but it seemed like Biarritz has its own fair share of history and culture, too (mostly because it was a … Continue reading Biarritz Photo Diary

Saint Jean de Luz Photo Diary

One of the things I did during one of the Roxy and Quiksilver Pro lay days was going with Harriet's family on a quick trip to Saint Jean de Luz, a town south of France and near Spain (we also made a quick stop to Spain, mostly to look at surfboard outlet stores) to eat … Continue reading Saint Jean de Luz Photo Diary

A Laiya, Batangas Photo Diary

Yet another summer and beach post. I spent an entire day with my former colleagues in KPMG Makati at San Juan, Laiya Batangas for a day of swimming, games, sunbathing, and chillaxing. It was definitely a good way to spend one sunny summer afternoon. I was happy to have spent the afternoon with the people … Continue reading A Laiya, Batangas Photo Diary