Hotel Limelight: Ekho Lake House, Polonnaruwa

Resort name at the entrance of the building

Instead of staying in Sigiraya for the cultural part of our trip in Sri Lanka, I decided to stay in Polonnaruwa because that is where the ancient capital’s ruins are, plus the elephant parks are not too far (le hubby has never seen elephants out of a zoo). For its rooms, location, and facilities, it […]

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Chasing Elephants at Minneriya National Park

six elephants grazing in Minneriya National Park

Le hubby has not seen elephants outside of a zoo before so I wanted to make sure we could see these majestic creatures without having to support the places or establishments where elephants are chained and kept for tourists’ entertainment (I wasn’t so aware about this abuse on our first elephant encounter in Thailand in […]

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Hotel Limelight: Wali Kukula Nest

We stayed at Wali Kukula Nest only for night, as the base for our trip in one side of the Sri Lankan Cultural Triangle. Which was rather unfortunate because the place was amazing. ‘Wali Kukula’ is the local term for the Sri Lankan jungle fowl which is endemic to the island and is the country’s […]

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Visiting Sigiraya: Climbing Pidurangala Rock

I’ve always wanted to visit Sri Lanka for its history and culture. The island’s history dates back to the 3rd Century BC and written history was made as early as 4th Century CE by Buddhist nuns. Le hubby has never visited Buddhist sites, so it was imperative that we would visit one of the ancient […]

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