A Guide to Ericeira

We happened upon Ericeira simply because there was lack of affordable beach front hotels near Lisbon. Ericeira Soul Guesthouse was the last affordable one, so we booked it and instead planned our days around the location. Honestly, I did not know anything about this seaside village before our trip, other than it has a lot … Continue reading A Guide to Ericeira

How I Roll Solo in Baler

One of my favorite go-to places for a solo trip is Baler in Aurora, located 267 km away from Manila.  It's easy to go there, I know my way around, and the people are ever so nice that I consider them family.  Here's how a Saturday-Sunday weekend trip  in Baler looks like for me. Genesis … Continue reading How I Roll Solo in Baler

2013: The Year That Was

2013 will go down in my books as THE year of spontaneity. And adventure. And being broke. And taking risks. And taking chances. And making more friends. And of love. Love of the ocean. Love of self. Love of life. And perhaps, that kind of love where we share our heart and soul to another. … Continue reading 2013: The Year That Was

More on the Surfing Life

Truth to be told, I missed almost everything on the recently held 19th International Siargao Cup.  I had booked my flight to Siargao one day too late, so I only caught the Women's final.  It was my first time watching a surfing competition and I was just amazed at how the ladies showed all of … Continue reading More on the Surfing Life